Terms of Service and Related Policies

Welcome to Job Taiwan! Here is a quick summary of our Terms of Service:

The mission of the Job Taiwan Platform:
  • Job Taiwan aims to share and grow knowledge about job opportunities, study and life about Taiwan.
  • It offers a platform for individuals to ask questions, engage with others, and gain valuable insights on various aspects of Taiwan.
  • The goal is to empower individuals to learn from each other, better understand Taiwan and land in better job opportunities.
Ownership and Responsibility of Content:
  • Users own the content they post on Job Taiwan.
  • Users grant Job Taiwan and other users certain rights and licenses to use their content.
  • Users are responsible for ensuring that their content does not violate the legal rights of others or any applicable laws. Additionally, content posted should not offend the sentiments of individuals based on their country or religion. Such posts will not be tolerated.
Professional Advice and Verification:
  • In the Q&A forum, it's important to crosscheck the responses with professionals for accuracy. It's always a good idea to seek expert advice and not rely solely on suggestions without verification.
  • Users are strongly advised to verify information, especially job offers, by referring to trustworthy sources like company websites and LinkedIn, before proceeding to apply for or sign contracts with any companies. Job Taiwan assumes no responsibility for individual decisions.
Agreement to Terms and Policies:
  • By using Job Taiwan's platform, users agree to follow the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.
Feedback and Reporting Complaints:
  • Job Taiwan offers tools for providing feedback and reporting complaints.
  • Users can report violations of intellectual property rights, laws, or Job Taiwan's policies through the contact us portal or in-product reporting tool.
We are pleased that you want to join the Jobs Taiwan platform and encourage you to read the complete Terms of Service. Please ensure to read it as your use of the Job Taiwan Platform implies your consent to these terms.
Using the Job Taiwan Platform:
Eligibility and Registration:
  • Individuals under 13 years of age are prohibited from using the Job Taiwan platform.
  • Users must be at least the age of majority in their jurisdiction or have parental/legal guardian consent.
  • When creating an account on Job Taiwan, users must provide accurate information.
  • The confidentiality of the user's password should be maintained.
Privacy Policy:
  • Job Taiwan's privacy practices are outlined in the Privacy Policy.
  • Users agree to accept the Privacy Policy by using the Job Taiwan platform, whether they are registered users or not.
Acceptable Use Policy:
  • Users agree to follow the Acceptable Use Policy when interacting with others on the Job Taiwan platform.
Termination and Account Closure:
  • If users would like to close their Job Taiwan account, we kindly request them to consider reaching out to us at taiwan@tecindia.one.
  • Job Taiwan may terminate or suspend user accounts for policy violations or other reasons.
Changes to the Platform:
  • Job Taiwan may add or change features on the platform without prior notice to users.
  • Job Taiwan welcomes user feedback and suggestions to improve the platform. Feel free to submit feedback at taiwan@tecindia.one
  • By submitting feedback, users grant Job Taiwan the right to use, disclose, and exploit the feedback without compensation.